Sunday, 12 April 2020

Behind the Behaviour - 'Attachment-Focused Schooling' and 'Trauma Informed Approaches'

Hello Everyone, here goes the standard opening line: The blog has not been updated recently because...

This time the reason is primarily due to new work commitments, having lived and breathed a secondment as headteacher at a 'RI' Alternative Provision / Pupil Referral Unit, working alongside a wider team to bring it into 'Good' status according to Ofsted. Being asked to stay at home, due to the pandemic, has afforded me time to log on and provide an update...

Of course, there is much debate around the reliability of Ofsted judgements under the new framework but in the case of my own school's 'Good', it was a valid judgement (I would say that, wouldn't I?). In  fact, I would be as bold as to say that the report received does not do full justice to the mountains moved by everyone there from governors, to SLT, to teachers, to mentors and TAs, to admin, to the site  manager (absolutely pivotal) - and to the students & parents who have bought into the journey. We have also been fortunate to have friends in local police, councillors and housing trusts. This is not a criticism of the Ofsted inspection we received but the fact that reports are now formatted much briefer.

A key part of the transformation process has been getting truly behind the behaviour. Our SEND Coordinator has been a crucial member of 'the guiding coalition' in helping profile our cohort in finer detail. What is obvious, but sometimes not so obvious in that we don't pay it enough due attention, is our young people by and large have experienced both trauma and significantly-disrupted attachment. Adopting a vision and practice we term interchangeably as 'trauma informed' and 'attachment focused' has driven much of the changes we have undertaken and continue to do so. Here is a leaflet summarising this approach which we now share with all visitors:

A Quick Guide to Attachment Focused Schooling

It is hard to explain in one blog post but this video also helps offer a snapshot of where we are headed:

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