Sunday, 8 January 2017

Who and What to do,,,

Following my slightly esoteric previous post, I want to return to more practical matters. I have recently updated my TES account with a number of resources. These fall into two broad categories:

Assessment Tools - 'Life beyond levels - and beyond that still...'

Strategies - 'What can I do with the young person who...'

For a full list of all the resources I have shared to date, please visit the 'Resources Hub' page.

As you will probably know, TES now has an established 'teachers pay teachers' option. I have no great opposition to this, given this is where the 'market' in the United States has already headed - resulting in the first 'millionaire teacher' as far back as 2012 (according to the Daily Mail). However, I personally will not be selling my resources -  for a number of reasons but partly because many of the resources I share draw upon the influence of colleagues (if not their direct work, which I always try to credit). The resources I list above are an example of this, with some being authored by Jean Gross (to view her website, click here) and some being the work of my Pendlebury Centre colleagues.

What I will also say is whilst it is clearly a constructive act to share resources 'on paper', it is also important to share the 'real life' practice that goes with it - by explaining and demonstrating how such resources are used. In terms of the Pendlebury Centre, we have a thriving outreach programme which you can find out more about by clicking here.

I will be sharing more resources over the coming year - I tend to do this during the school holidays when I get a spare moment to organise and upload them. So please stay patient and stay tuned!

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