Saturday, 23 July 2016

Time for a break...

So, that's the end of another academic year - one with its highs and its lows, but one I would say has been rewarding overall.

I have often shared the Channel 4 Paralympics videos on this website, believing them to be hugely inspiring, but here is a different perspective worth considering:

I've also just listened to an interesting interview, between Radio 2's Jeremy Vine and musician Professor Green. I can't help thinking he could have easily been one of my students, working as a I do in a PRU and as I have done in support departments within mainstream schools.

It turns out this interview is part of a wider series and I plan to come back to it, at least during the next month where spare time is more readily available.


I wrote in a blog post some years ago about how the school summer break could be looked upon as a 'sabbatical' rather than simply an extended holiday. This article makes a good case for sabbaticals across all sectors:

I actually think - for all the concerns over childcare, which for many are a real issue - most teachers, young people and their families do ultimately gain greater benefits from the summer holidays than simply not having to set an alarm. I think this is why the summer holidays have persisted since their original design, as a time for families to bring in the harvest. There may well be an argument for shortening them but I think we would all lose out if they were eroded away completely.

So here's wishing colleagues and students a safe and happy sabbatical - I suppose, if you want to, you can consider the above your summer reading and listening!

A snapshot from the iconic American daily cartoon series 'Calvin and Hobbes' - the creator Bill Watterson actively took sabbaticals to recharge before embarking on new,refreshed output.

Monday, 11 July 2016

What make Britain really great...

The Rio Olympics are coming soon and that also means the Paralympics. I absolutely loved the build-up and coverage Channel 4 gave to the Paralympics for London 2012 under the header 'Meet the Superhumans'.

Well, the superhumans are returning to the big screen. Click here for the amazing trailer Channel 4 showed tonight (Tuesday 11th July) about Ali Jawad.

And here's an older video if you want to find out more...

At a time when our nation is questioning itself, following the vote to leave the European Union and subsequent social, economic and political upheaval, the stories of people like Ali Jawad can help point the way forward...