Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick post to send my best wishes to all users of the site for 2014 - particularly those who have got in touch over the past 12 months to express their support & encouragement, to seek advice, to offer tips & suggestions etc.

I haven't written a blog post for some time as I've been too busy with the day job and moving house - however, I have continued to upload a variety resources during spare moments. These include:
  • Vocab Rally Game - This vocabulary development activity, for use as a starter or filler task, was not entirely my idea but one I've adapted from an older resource a colleague kindly gave me.
  • School Stress Survey - This short assessment and mentoring activity was developed as part of some work I am undertaking to develop an early intervention programme for disengaged KS3 students. I think it could prove particularly useful for school refusers with 'autistic traits'.
  • Weekly SEAL Reflections - I continue to upload reflections I use with my form group on a week-to-week basis, with admittedly varied impact!
  • Forest Schools Scrapbook - This template, using PowerPoint, has proved very successful with the students I've been working with on a Forest Schools project. There are a couple of anonymised examples also included which students will benefit from seeing in terms of grasping the 'end product' they are working towards.
  • 'Cooking at Home' - As part of my current teaching commitment I am teaching cookery skills. The eventual aim is to link this in with an alternative vocational qualification. As ever, suggestions from those in the know are most welcome!
A major part of my role for this year is to review and, where necessary, improve use of data within my setting. Below is a presentation I created to 'set out my stall' in September 2013 - and have since reviewed and developed further one academic term into the job.

This is available for download from the TES and the Guardian Teacher Network

I also continue to keep my Twitter feed updated with interesting articles on education as and when I find them. 

Enjoy the year ahead!

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