Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sprinting down the runway

So, I'm now two weeks into my new post and busily acclimatising to a different working environment whilst also getting established with the students and trying to keep my head above water with planning. This is the reason why, for the moment at least, updates to Humans Not Robots have ground to a halt. 

My new duties include teaching food technology, developing a small-scale 'first response' SEBD provision that schools could potentially replicate within their own settings, putting together an alternative curriculum course around personal finance and enterprise for Year 10 & Year 11s, plus the no small matter of data & tracking within a PRU context. 

A further duty is to act as form tutor for a bunch of Year 11 students. To put some structure and content into our daily tutorial periods, I have decided to create a weekly reflection, with a related word of the week, that we can focus on over the five morning slots - with the incentive of a small prize for the student who completes the follow-up activity first. I have shared the first two of this series on TES Resources and will add more as the weeks progress - these can be freely accessed here:

In addition to form times, these might be of use to colleagues running Nurture Groups or looking for last minute assembly ideas. As ever, I appreciate any feedback - and I would certainly welcome suggestions for future reflections.

A relative describes the initial period of starting a new job as being a bit like an aeroplane taking off - a much greater amount of energy is required at this point in getting going, and remaining stable, than the rest of the journey (taking the decision to 'touch down' and leave is, in my recent experience, the other big stress point!).

Working with some students this week who are also starting anew at my provision, I've found myself able to relate to their own experiences perhaps more easily than I would were I settled. My thoughts this past two weeks have also turned frequently to the Year 7s starting out at 'big school' - the story of one lucky group having their first assembly at the Warner Bros Studio set for Hogwarts raised a smile, although I'm sure for many other Year 7s things feel equally as strange at this point without the wizard hats!

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