Monday, 15 July 2013

Talking about Autism

Coming to the end of my time at Thornleigh Salesian College has prompted me to look back on life over the past few years as a SENCo and teacher in a large, inclusive secondary school. With Y6 / Y7 transition underway, I am also naturally inclined to reflect on the possible experiences - the potential opportunities, the potential difficulties - that lie ahead for some of our incoming students with additional needs. I am also, at this point particularly so, tuned in to the experiences of parents who quite understandably have anxiety, as well as hope, regarding this milestone in their child's life.

In turn, I've written a short article for the Talk About Autism website on the experiences of secondary students with higher-functioning autism - 'Life at my secondary school for a student with autism'. This is very much a 'write-up' on patterns I've observed and issues I've worked with over the past few years. I hasten to add the disclaimer that it is obviously not wholly reflective of all experiences - but I do hope it provides some insight, particularly for those parents of Y6 students with higher-functioning autism who are about to take the step into 'big school'.

Friday, 12 July 2013

If You Like My Resources...

As I have said before, I don't charge anything for the resources I share online. Nor do I make any profit from this website. However, if you do use them - and do feel they are worth paying for - please could I ask you make a donation to a close friend's JustGiving page.

At the end of July, Jon Jones is cycling with colleagues from Great Wakering in Essex to Paris (in France!) to raise money for Havens Hospices, an organisation and community which provided excellent care to his mother who passed away in April 2012.

Of course, (most of) you won't know Jon and, all being well, probably won't encounter Havens Hospices - but maybe the best kind of giving is when we give randomly?