Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Two more bits on the TA debate

Following yesterday's blog post in which I looked at how the debate over teaching assistants now appears to be gathering momentum - with the very real prospect of cuts by the current government - I have been recommended these two short articles:

These obviously highlight a different side to the story presented in the Daily Mail on Monday.

Two further points I have noticed, regarding the reporting of this, is that the Sutton Trust's findings on teaching assistants was based on what they (fairly) openly acknowledge to be limited evidence. Also, the Daily Mail article says £4billion per year is spent on 232,000 teaching assistants - at an average wage of £17000 per year. I am not sure this figure is accurate as most teaching assistants I have worked with over the years have been paid approximately £10000.

This is not to rubbish the valuable research out there, but there is a need to stay critically minded.

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