Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Code, New Era?

In case you didn't know, the Department for Education has now published a rough draft of the new 'SEN Code of Practice' with supporting documents - which I've listed below for easy access:

Indicative Draft: The (0-25) Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
Illustrative Regulations for Special Educational Needs
Childrens and Families Bill 2013

Over the past year I have witnessed a lot of anxious talk about the coming changes in SEN in the UK, centred mainly around the recent SEND Green Paper and the wider-reaching implications of Pupil Premium, specifically the burgeoning body of research around its effective use.

I was recently asked to sum up, via a PowerPoint presentation, the challenges and opportunities in light of these changes and this can be viewed here. Ultimately though, I take the position we have to simply 'wait and see' - reasoning that it's best to keep a close eye on things without jumping the gun in terms of drawing hard-and-fast conclusions or prematurely changing policy & practice to prepare for a brave new world. 

I am quietly hopeful it will lead to much earlier identification, a more consistent approach to allocating funding and much greater cooperation between social & health agencies and schools - and greater accountability on the part of these agencies to carry out long-term, specialist work with our most vulnerable young people, rather than dipping in and out. Of course this will mean much better resourcing of these agencies to enable them to play a full part in narrowing the attainment gap and raising the well-being of our most vulnerable.

Time - and money - will tell!


Sharon Gorrie said...

I have just seen your presentation, wonderful! It will help me to explain to the staff the ways in which we have to move forward in light of the Indicative COP. I will look forward to reading your blog every week!

M. Grant said...

Hello Sharon, I've only just noticed your comment... Thank you for your encouraging words... :o)