Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jackie Stewart on dyslexia, Suli Breaks on education...

I have now found time to upload the updated presentation on 'Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms' (also made available here and here) I delivered recently (free of charge by the way, I'm not a consultant!) at Blackrod Church School. It was good to try and look at dyslexia from a primary perspective given my experience has nearly always been in secondary settings.
In the presentation I have included a clip from the BBC's 'Don't call me stupid' documentary, featuring actress Kara Tointon. Having watched it a number of times now, I still think it's one of the best introductions to dyslexia - particularly so because you get to see first-hand a person with dyslexia reading. I have a lot of respect for Kara Tointon allowing herself to be filmed publicly demonstrating the difficulties associated with this condtion.
On looking around, I also found this from Jackie Stewart which I also think is worth showing to colleagues and perhaps also showing to older students with dyslexia as part of a mentoring programme around self-awareness.

Speaking of older students, I think the following article by Bernadette McClean succinctly sums up the general strategies that can be used to support them.
Finally, if you really want to get older students with dyslexia to engage in meaningful discussions about how they learn best, what future study and career path is most suited for them etc., then it might be worthwhile showing them this by Suli Breaks:

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