Sunday, 17 February 2013

If You Like My Resources...

I haven't uploaded much recently but do have numerous things I am using in school which, during a spare evening, I will endeavor to put online. The process I typically follow with anything I share is identifying something that's needed specifically within my own setting, developing it during my 'spare' time in the evenings, piloting it over a period of time at 'ground level' and from there, giving it freely over to the world wide web.

On this occasion, however, I am asking those who use this site frequently to kindly give something back...

A close friend of mine is a Royal Marines medic and he is taking part in a fundraising event of enormous proportions with a view to helping newly-disabled service personnel. The challenge will see a small team of service personnel carry a stretcher from medical facilities in Birmingham, on to rehabilitation facilities in Surrey and from there, on to Plymouth where there are facilities for the final stage of recovery. The 360 mile route, completed over 14 days, mirrors the journey undertaken by young men and women seriously injured in conflict.

If, like me, you have found yourself humbled and inspired by the stories of service personnel such as Ben Parkinson and the relentless fight to rebuild their lives following devastating injuries then I hope you will take the time to donate.

To support them, please visit their website or connect via their Facebook page.

Thank you!

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