Tuesday, 15 January 2013

First Two Uploads of 2013

Following on from my most recent post about the wonder of the human eye, I have now found a spare 15 minutes to upload a training session I have put together around Irlen Syndrome (also known variously as Scotopic Sensitivity, Visual Stress, Visual Processing Difficulties and Visual Dyslexia). This is available for free download from TES.co.uk and for quick viewing on SlideShare.

If viewers know of a better equivalent to SlideShare.net, I would be interested to hear from you as the usability on this sharing platform can prove frustrating.

In addition to this, I have also uploaded a few resources on school leadership, coming from the point of view of someone relatively new to this role rather than as an expert. These resources have helped me reflect on my approach to leadership over the past few years, hence the title for the collection - 'Reflecting on Leadership'!

I've spent quite a few evenings recently tidying up these PowerPoints and now intend to keep away from the  program for a while - partly because my eyes are hurting (!!) and partly because I want to start exploring other publishing / ICT-based teaching & learning tools, particularly those related to the iPad. Again, any tips or advice would be appreciated...

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