Sunday, 25 November 2012

Forget Stamp Collecting

Just a quick Sunday evening blog to let readers know I've spent some spare time recently collecting together all the major policy / review documents relating to SEN and Pupil Premium in UK schools. I've also collected together the old 'Literacy Progress Units' which had become a bit scattered on the DfE online archives. I've uploaded all of these en masse to Scribd where they can be accessed at a single point, both at a glance and through a quick'n'easy download system.

The documents are grouped together in collections:

The SEN and Pupil Premium policy / review documents are also listed individually via our Information Hub. This part of the site has been updated substantially over the past few months to include a wide variety of websites focusing on aspects of SEN / SpLD - each link is reviewed for usefulness / quality of content, and generally speaking they are the ones I refer to most often.

Enjoy! (kind of...)

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