Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Phew, Here Goes

Aside from the busyness of being a SEN Coordinator at this time year, I have also spent a great deal of spare energy (and evenings) developing some resources for supporting lower-attainment / SEN students in English.
In many ways this is not really an extra to the role as this is currently my particular subject area and day-to-day teaching commitment - plus I believe a central component of being a successful SEN Coordinator in secondary schools is to provide a substantial, specialist input into the development of subject areas. In short, we have to look beyond the walls of our Learning Support rooms if we are to truly make our schools inclusive.
However, I would say strategy and resource development - which requires a real focusing of brain power on finer detail - is very different to the 'operational' role of the SEN Coordinator which typically involves 'on-the-hop' problem solving and crisis management, and a lot of bureaucratic paperwork.
The resources I have uploaded to TES Resources this week hopefully reflect this commitment to whole-school inclusion and the care I have taken with them. They include a major piece of work around APP English Writing - an attempt to break down the official descriptors into more precise, practical steps. And from there, a look at how we assess written pieces of work in general - with a view to making them more 'Dyslexia Friendly'.
I have also uploaded a (slightly tongue-in-cheek) short guide to using PowerPoint in the classroom, again with my SEN Coordinator hat on, titled 'PowerPoint Killed the Classroom Star'. This has been one of those projects that I started a long time ago and have finally managed to finish.
Sharing resources online often feels like the final stage of the project, having already shared them with colleagues in school. And so now, I can rest a little and then re-focus on other things.
And as with all the resources I share online, I do so not to make any personal profit, but simply because I believe in the spirit of catch-free cooperation amongst teachers.

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