Monday, 10 September 2012

Who Wants A Replay?

Last night saw an deeply moving end to the Paralympic Games - and a fitting finish to a summer of amazing sport overall. There were so many highlights, so many bits that left you wanting to rewind. It's also heartening to know 1 billion people tuned in from across the world.
The good news is the entire footage is already on YouTube:

The Paralympics in 2012 was rightly described as the 'greatest ever' with 19 more nations competing than in Beiijing, rising from 165 to 184 to participating countries. In Rome in 1960 just 23 countries took part.
It was also the first Paralympics where all tickets were sold at full price, totalling 2.2million - an incredible feat when compared to Sydney in 2000 where the majority of tickets were given to schoolchildren. Television and internet audiences have broken records with 6.7million British viewers tuning in to watch Britain's Jonnie Peacock take gold in a 100m showdown with South Africa's Oscar Pistorius.
Ahead of last night's opening ceremony, Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, was quoted as saying:
“Being asked to play at the Paralympic closing ceremony in our home town is a huge honour.. We can't actually imagine a bigger honour. This will be the biggest night of our lives.”
Rihanna, who also starred, said:
"Being at the Paralympics is the biggest honour... These athletes are gladiators and are a true inspiration to me..."
Sebastian Coe, London 2012 chairman, said:
"I don't think they will ever see disability in the same way again..."
Whilst, Liz Nicholl, UK Sport chief executive, said:
"The London Paralympic Games will be remembered as a time when we saw ability first and disability second."

(H/T: Global Briefing and BBC Sport)

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